Mosfet Audio Amplifier 60watt - 90watt

This circuit was designed to produce high quality and powerful audio power amplifier that would provide 60W-90W power output.

Skema Rangkaian Mosfet Audio Amplifier
Skema Rangkaian Mosfet Audio Amplifier

Daftar Component Audio Amplifier Mosfet

The transistors Q6 & Q7 should be fitted on a small and U-shaped heatsink while a larger heatsink is used to mount the transistors Q8 & Q9. For the regulation of voltage, the trimmer R10 is set to its minimum resistance which is made possible when powering ON the amplifier and then adjusting R10 until the drawing of the current reaches about 120 mA to 130 mA. If necessary, the current will need to be readjusted when after 15minutes, the current keeps on varying.

The circuit power supplay suggested value for capacitors C1 & C2 should be at the required minimum for a mono amplifier. The capacitance values may be increased up to 10000 uF when used in stereo configurations to achieved optimum performance. To eliminate ground loops and hums, an appropriate grounding is very essential. This will be done by connecting R1, R3, C2, C3, & C4 to the same point of the ground sides and the ground input wire while in the output ground, C7-C11 & R7 will be connected. Finally, the input and output grounds will be connected separately to the power supply ground.

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